Gallery Dept is a collective of Los Angeles-based artists and designers founded in 2001. In collaboration with creative artists, vintage clothing is reimagined as streetwear staples through collaboration, creativity, and rebellion. To create a distinctive look, the label’s Los Angeles showroom and studio use hand-screen printing and distressing. As a way of combining his love of vintage clothing and his passion for art, Josué Thomas founded it in 2017.  Many gallery Dept Merch brands feature splatters because the prints of Josué Thomas look like they just came out of the studio. There is a signature patch on the sleeve of this cotton-blend jersey with fleece backing.

Gallery Dept Clothing

Fashion is a very passionate subject for professional fashion designers, both women, and men. Style and comfort go hand in hand with their clothes. Gallery Dept Clothing strives to make outfits bright and colorful in their clothing selections. Wearing clothes that are both durable and comfortable will make it easier for you to stay comfortable throughout the day. Gallery Dept Clothing offers its fans and lovers a wide selection of colors and patterns.

In addition to making them stand out from the crowd, our men’s clothing makes them unique. As part of our Gallery Dept Clothing collection, we now offer hoodies and T-shirts. There are many ways to incorporate color into your daily routine, whether for casual occasions or just to liven things up.

Gallery Dept Hoodie

This Gallery Dept hoodie is made from heathered gray cotton fleece knit. There is an embroidered Gallery Dept Clothin logo on the chest and oversized cotton hoodie sleeves with a straight hem. A variety of colors are available. Its global reach is a hallmark of the Los Angeles-based brand. Streetwear staples inspire its design aesthetic, which incorporates rebellious elements.

Featuring two ways to wear it, our Gallery Dept Hoodie is a wardrobe staple. Designed to look authentically vintage, each piece is handcrafted from cotton blends. Wearing sneakers with cargo shorts will make your streetwear look more relaxed.

Gallery Dept T-Shirt

Gallery Dept. Offers a wide variety of items, including 100% cotton T-shirts, among other items. Soft fabric and an elastic fit make this garment comfortable and soft. There will never be a fad for this type of Gallery Dept T-Shirt since it is comfortable and classic. The printing process includes three-dimensional printing, stylish ink splashes, and fade-resistant lettering.

A ribbed neckline prevents the edges from deforming over time, making this special shirt stand out even more. A young fashionista who enjoys hip-hop and trendy styles would appreciate this department clothing gift.


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